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  1. Mark Baker

    Thanks for sharing guys. It was so good to have Shane with us a couple of weeks ago…enjoy your trip to the states at the end of the year:)

    • Darron Ellery

      Shane, you are a dead set legend (but a real live one!) to your brothers and all brothers alike, including this one who lost his 10 years ago in August. I praise God for you, your special wife, and your family. Your blogs and your family’s God given grace continue to impact my life and thoughts.

  2. Coral Edwards

    What a heartwrenchingly beautiful film you have made Elly! Capturing the tragedy and then progress of a horrific injury.. I sobbed like a baby! So close to home. What a journey you have been on … Believing the best is yet to come! From my heart to yours xo

  3. Craig Benno

    Shane. I celebrate the many achievements you and your family have made over the last 4 years. Commiserate with you in your sorrows. And share in the hope of the future. Blessings. cb

  4. inekeculbert

    Hi Elly and Shane, What a journey you have had. Really tough, but you are still in it together. That is a real achievement. Our warmest greetings to you all. Have a wonderful holiday in a month or so. Sorry den Dulk reunion clashes with your trip. We will miss you. Ineke and Kerry

  5. lizknits99Liz

    Dear Shane, it was devastating to watch the actual accident. I did a correspondence course from Alpha Crucis and really loved your lectures and did feel like I had got to know you, I know that’s a bit weird. Your accident happened only a few weeks after we finished your topic. Wish you all the very best for the next four years and beyond. You are blessed to have such a beautiful family and they are blessed to have you. I truly wish I could have rewind that movie, to before.
    I love getting updates from the blog, it does remind me how things can change to after in the blink of an eye.

  6. Robert Matikiti

    Terrible accident! God is the creator and providential ruler of all things and everything that happens is foreordained for his glory. You have done a lot for humanity. Thank you.

  7. Clare Harrison

    As we watch the video the image that affects me the most is Elly standing at the rescue door with a caress that is now and from this time forward hurtled into a new domain. A place where physical relationship is crowded and changed and demands adjustment in heart and soul and mind.
    I feel these things with my own handsome Prince and find that moment hard to watch. This year we are celebrating Don’s 45th accident anniversary. The States? Hope you tell us all about that
    Touching our family’s hearts

  8. Ken Clifton

    What a tear jerker – as you use to say Shane, “Life sucks and then you die! Or did you steal that line form King Solomon lol?

    It is good to reflect on how far you have come from being so close to dying that terrible day and in the months that followed, I am proud of you son and how you do indeed take each days tests one day at a time and have a wonderful resilience to accept and make the best of life and it’s daily challenges and delights.

    Love you heaps son, will finish now as I have to get a handkerchief as I have something in my eyes and am finding it hard to see to type.


  9. Anita Lesmana

    You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

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