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Facebook dilemma. Are my posts mere ego or are they helpful updates? If I post only good news does the flow on encouragement feed my ego? If I post my challenges am I really just looking for sympathy? Can Facebook be a tool for connecting people and sharing important information (e.g. giving people an insight into spinal injury) or is it little more than narcissism?

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    • Angie Bulic Hmm. Not ‘either or’ but ‘both and’?

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    • Garry Bradford Shane do what ever you want. I think people would like to feel they are on a journey with you The Good The Bad The Ugly

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    • Dustin W. Risner I want to know!

      20 March at 14:59 ·
    • Joohee Lee The truth the truth the truth!!! 🙂

      20 March at 15:16 ·
    • Michael Cartini A wise man once told me in an ethics lecture that we always have mixed motives. Take it from a genuine facebook narcissist- your posts hardly have the ring of attention seeking.

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    • Shirley Lynds-Broadbere Mortara Shane I like to hear ur journey..good and bad . its helps us relate to you and your experiences and perhaps help others realize that everyone has bad times and its up to us as to how we handle the bad times and your experience can help others realize they are not alone

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    • Kym Cross Ah you make me smile that the Shane I know post what ever you like let the person on the other end work it out….

    • Dick Dona wtf?

      20 March at 15:47 ·
    • April Broadbere I think it is helpful. It is good to hear about how you are both during the good times which we can praise God for and the bad times which we can prayer for you!

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    • Craig Bennett

      Jack Nicholson said in ‘A Few Good Men’ – “You want the truth – you can’t handle the truth!” …The truth is we need encouragement and I’m yet to meet anyone who doesn’t need it.
      The questions you have asked can be asked of any author, prea…cher, and every facebooker (have I made a new term?) 

      It was my experience that FB helped me to connect with the world, when I was shut in. Whether that world was real or not is another topic… I also experienced in hospital that many visitors came to visit with the hidden agenda for me to encourage them that I would be ok…and perhaps for many on FB or elsewhere this mindset – whether conscious or subconscious prevails.See more

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    • John Brown Shane, should there have to be a choice? You are a much loved brother in Christ! GBYAY

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    • Stephen Gore Consider yourself a journalist.

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    • Vanessa Murdoch Sounding more like your old self =)

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    • KevinandRobyn O’Connor We agree whole-heartedly with Shirley…tell it like it is…we are all part of the same body…if your hurting so are we…if your praising and encouraging…so are we…then sometimes (most of the time) your posts plan and simply remind us not to wollow in a pity party. So preach it brother….the platform is open for you. 🙂

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    • Olga Clifton Shane, I know that you are not stroking your own ego and I also know that people want to know what is going on with you because they care. It is good for us to understand the challenges that people with disabilities contend with on a daily basis so that we have compassions and understanding for the others we come across in our lives. I LOVE YOU!!

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    • Shirley Lynds-Broadbere Mortara well said Olga

      20 March at 17:59 ·
    • Brian Benson Hi Shane, this is Brian your comments or not self seeking, but sharing of the journey you are now going through, what you share encourages and inspires others, hope I could be that positive in your situation, stand firm and tall, never doubt your words you share with us

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    • Woody Woo Shane, you’re a thinker. You have many question mark, which is good for a thinker. Shane, I don’t have any answer for your questions, but I would like to point out that we love you, care about you. And the FB helps me connected, that’s all.

      20 March at 18:50 ·
    • Shannon Rebel I have been having exactly the same thoughts about fb Shane. Glad go hear it’s not just me questioning it’s validity as authentic meaningful communication.

      20 March at 18:52 ·
    • Shannon Rebel But I find it’s good to feel connected at different times regardless.

      20 March at 18:54 ·
    • Nolene Norsworthy I look at it htis way, if your heart is that you want to post so people are informed and not for your sympathy, do it. As you wouldn’t get the support you have, physically and spiritually if you don’t. In the hard times more prayer goes up and in the good times more praise goes up. I personally love seeing your posts so I can see how your going and support you in prayer. Love ya Shane and Elly, you both are amazing people.

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    • Andrew Mina

      Shane I have been thinking about the similar issues of facebook usage. If it is about ego I think I ought not participate but it is also helpful to stay connected with others even tought it is indirectly. Perhaps we are expecting too much o…f ourselves to try and stay connected to too many people and therefore deminishing real relationships. However facebook has also been a great tool to know where you, in particular, is up to in your journey to be able to pray specifically and to also be encouraged by your journey. My conclusion presently is that for me facebook is about connecting and sharing that has ego and friendship delicately intertwined.See more
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    • Anthea Brumerskyj Shane, I love it that there are question, more than one simple view..I am a shades of grey person and it is in the thinking and searching and reflecting that we go deeper and appreciate more about God and each other.S hare what you beleive God is calling you to. Or maybe look at having a blog like Joni does where you can journal your experiences, feelings,thoughts and insights!

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    • Kurt Clifton Shane, you are an egotistical attention seeker. Even asking this question you are obviously trying to make yourself seem like you are not trying to stroke your own ego, yet I know that this is another subtle attempt to get more praise. Well it wont work with me champ. Man up!

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    • Craig Bennett Spoken like a true brother and as only a brother could speak Kurt! Seems the Clifton’s brothers have a commonality in the ability to lob grenades into a discussion to stir the pot at times…. 😉

      21 March at 09:16 ·
    • KevinandRobyn O’Connor lol…you Clifton Boys crack me up,reminds me of those long afternoons at the good ol’ Nowra pool under the watchful gentle eye (NOT) of Mrs Webb lap after lap. Good good to see the brotherly love and rivalry still aflame.

      21 March at 09:58 ·
    • Angela Freeman I’m running a research project for my Psychology Thesis on Facebook and mental health this year.. so I’ll let you know the answer to your question after October 26th (due date)! 🙂

      21 March at 10:10 ·
    • Angie Bulic ‎@kurt BAHAHA

      21 March at 10:35 ·
    • Christiane Ash I personally like posts that are truth and from the heart… I vote for honesty!

      21 March at 19:31 ·
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