about Shane and his publications



Shane is married to Elly, and together they are the parents of three boys. He is Dean of Theology at Alphacrucis College. On 7 October 2010, Shane had an accident on a pushbike that left him a quadriplegic (C5 incomplete). He is a crip theologian, an ally of feminism, and an open-minded Christian. He usually cringes at representations of disability in the media.

Selected Publications

Easy reading:

Husbands Should Not Break: a Memoir about the Pursuit of Happiness after Spinal Cord Injury (Eugene, OR: Resource Publications, Wipf and Stock, 2015).

“Disability in the dark side of the positivity myth,” ABC Religion and ethics, September 2014.

“God, suffering, and Stephen Fry,” ABC religion and ethics, February 2015.

“A quadriplegic’s response to the Tim Bowers story,” (a critique of assisted suicide) ABC The Drum, November 2013.


“Disability, theodicy, and fragility,” Theological Studies, Vol 76.4 (Dec 2015): 765-784.

“NDIS, the disabled voice, and the church,” St Mark’s Review, No 232 (July 2015): 65 –80 ( available here).

“Grieving My Broken Body: An Autoethnographic Account of Spinal Cord Injury as an Experience of Grief.” Disability and Rehabilitation, 36:21 (2014): 1823-1829.

“The Dark Side of Healing: Toward a Theology of Well-Being” Pneuma (accepted for publication, 2014).

“Spinal-Cord Injury and the Joy of Work” (2013), Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research, (July 2013).

“Happiness and Spinal-Cord Injury: A Journey through Traditions of Virtue to Positive Psychology,” Journal of Religion Disability and Health (2013).

“Free-Market Religion: a Pentecostal Approach to Economics,” in Oxford Handbook of Christianity and Economics, edited by Paul Oslington (Oxford: Oxford University press, 2014) (available here)

“Ecumenism from the bottom up”, Journal of Ecumenical Studies, 47:4, Fall 2012: 544 – 561.

Globalization and the Mission of the Church, co-authored with Neil Ormerod, Ecclesiological Investigations Series, London: T&T Clark, 2009.

Raising Women Leaders, edited by Shane Clifton and Jacqueline Grey, Sydney: APS, 2010.

“Sexism and the Demonic in Church Life and Mission” in Raising Women Leaders, edited by Shane Clifton and Jacqueline Grey, Sydney: APS, 2010.